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Christi ( FEMALE )


Christi 13 weeks old an alfa type that is going to be above average in everything. To the right owner this is going to be an awesome dog. She is AKC reg., with hr 1st shots and an I’m it attitude. for more info or to come see this beautiful girl Contact to get HER.

Full registration which includes a $450 non-refundable deposit. Pups come with AKC registration papers,5 generation pedigree for parents, 1 year health guarantee, shot/worming record, vet checked, and a 6 lb bag of puppy food for transition and weekly pictures sent to you of your pick pup. They come with a bundle starter pack which includes a litter mate scented blanket. (4% transaction fee) Delivery available in US for an additional $150 to $400 fee depending on location.

Weimaraner puppy

Is It Possible to Make My Weimaraner a Guard Dog?

                Weimaraner Puppy Yes, it is possible, but for this, you have to train and tame it the best you can. Sometimes you will need a professional trainer since not all dogs of this breed undergo being controlled and staying in their doghouse outside.

How To House Train A Weimaraner Puppy

How to Get Your Vizsla to Chill?

Vizslas dogs are very fun and energetic animals that love to play and hang out with their beloved owners.

These dogs can turn out to be too hyperactive, causing the peace and tranquility of those around them to be disturbed. On the other hand, there is the possibility that these pets are nervous when they are left alone for a long time, worrying about the absence of their owner. Weimaraner Puppy

Dogs and their owners have to develop healthy ways to deal with anxiety and release nervousness. Otherwise, Vizslas can develop dysfunctional behaviors.

Many times all the dog and its owner need are to slow down, take a few breaths, work on anxiety, and enjoy a nice relaxing massage. When you help the pet get rid of its problems, it will find its relaxation moment.

In case your Vizsla is a hyperactive dog, you can apply various methods to chill it out:

Reinforce Their Discreet Behaviors 

You can buy a special training blanket that will be a helpful tool to teach your Vizsla how to chill out. This blanket will be stored while you exercise with your dog in the park. After that, go home, select some dog treats, grab the special training blanket, and sit on the couch. When you sit, place the blanket under your feet and indicate to your Vizsla to sit on it.

If you notice that the dog is fully seated on the blanket, congratulate it with some positive words such as “well done” or “good boy” and give it a treat as a reward. Gradually increase the duration between each treat you give as a reward.

It is essential to mention that you must be very slow and calm with all your movements and body gestures.

The Vizsla will not want to sit on the blanket for long, so it can get out of it. In that case, ignore it and don’t offer any more treats. On the other hand, if it sits down on the blanket again, congratulate it and give it a treat.

In case your Vizsla is a nervous dog, you can make it relax in the following way:

Focus on Your Vizsla 

Massage or petting is a way to calm and chill out an anxious and nervous animal.

You can sit or lie down with your Vizsla on the couch and begin to massage along its body, stroking its sides, back, chest and neck. That will relax it a lot. Weimaraner Puppy

It’s a good idea to try to divert your dog’s attention from the cause of its nerves. In addition to petting it, we recommend taking your pet to parks or play sessions. Many dogs tend to be nervous, and this emotional state cannot be easily eliminated, so playing, running, and taking long walks are ways to help it get rid of stress.

As an effective last resort, we advise you to reward the good behavior of your Vizsla. Congratulate your dog with some positive words and offer it some treats such as croquettes or fresh fruits. By reacting well to a potentially stressful situation, it will remember these behaviors next time. blue weimaraner puppies for sale

Keeping Your Vizsla Entertained When the Weather is Bad
Keeping Your Vizsla Entertained When the Weather is Bad

Vizslas are beautiful dogs that are characterized by being energetic most of the time. They have a high level of physical activity which makes them perfect for hunting activities. This breed has a loving and sensitive personality, so they need to spend most of the day together with their owners and members of their human family.

Due to what we have mentioned above, we can say that these dogs get bored easily as they need to do any physical activity outdoors for their entertainment. In fact, it is essential to note that if they remain inside the house for a long time without doing anything, they can become destructive. Weimaraner puppies for sale near me

These types of situations usually occur when the owner of the Vizsla goes out to work or study. In these cases, the solution is to leave our pet some toys to entertain themselves. However, the situation becomes more complicated when the weather is bad.

Keeping Your Vizsla Entertained When the Weather is Bad 

Vizslas love to run, jump, play or do any physical activity outdoors whether it be going for a walk, to the beach or a picnic in the park together with members of their human family. However, not every day is beautiful and sunny, so many times the person and his pet will face rainy and cloudy days. These are the worst days for the Vizslas.

It is important that you know the ways to entertain your Vizsla during bad weather days. The most common during these situations is to play various games with your pet:

Tug of War 

Tug of War is one of the favorite and most popular games for dogs and is excellent to use as a way to entertain our Vizsla inside the house.

This game will work the mental and physical part of our canine, so it is an excellent option not only to entertain it but also to train it.

You can use an old towel or t-shirt to serve as the tug toy. You will only need a small space in your house so you will not have to worry about that. Additionally, Tug of War is a great way to teach your Vizsla manners so that they don’t bite anyone.

Search & Sniff Game 

A great way to entertain your active Vizsla is through the Search & Sniff Game. This game consists of hiding some treats throughout the house for your dog to find them. Vizslas are characterized by having a good sense of smell as they develop it, especially for hunting activities. In the same way, Search & Sniff Game will help your Vizsla to train its nose much more.

You will decide the difficulty of the game depending on which places you choose to hide the treats. Try to hide them in areas that are not near any valuable object that your dog can break. Also, use delicious treats that your dog loves to make it feel more motivated during the game.

As your dog finds the treats, try increasing the difficulty of the game as that will make it more entertaining and fun for your Vizsla. Search & Sniff Game will not only help entertain your pet but also improve its sense of smell which is very useful during the hunt.

Dog Tricks 

Another way to entertain our Vizsla at home during rainy or cloudy weather is by teaching it tricks. That is a good option not only to train your dog but also for it to learn to be more obedient. Weimaraner Puppy

There are many dog ​​tricks that you can teach your pet. Some of them are: 

  • Shake hands.
  • Fetch.
  • Sit.
  • Sit pretty.
  • Down.
  • Stand.
  • Stand on hind legs.
  • Spin.
  • Roll Over.
  • Play Dead.
  • Bark on command.
  • Come.

There are many other tricks that you can teach a Vizsla so you can surely entertain it for hours. Besides, you can take advantage of these types of days not only to teach it new tricks but also to practice the ones it already knows.


Agility Training 

You can take advantage of these moments at home with your Vizsla to help it exercise in a fun way. Agility exercises are a good option to develop your dog’s skills as well as keep it entertained.

What you can do is place obstacles inside the house so that your pet can train with them either by jumping over them, avoiding them, etc. It should be noted that you do not need any special equipment since it will be enough with objects that you have in your house. Some of them can be brooms, boxes, towels, chairs, tables, etc.

You can position the objects in a way that presents a fun challenge for your Vizsla. Also, thanks to many of the tricks mentioned in the previous point, your pet will have enough skill to overcome each obstacle quickly. Weimaraner Puppy

There are many other ways and games you can use to entertain your Vizsla indoors when the weather is bad. The only thing you have to do is use your imagination and according to the personality of your canine, choose the best activity for it. That way, you will keep your pet entertained during that time and further strengthen your bonds with it.

10 Tips for Traveling with a Vizsla Dog

Traveling with a Vizsla dog can be difficult for some families due to its characteristics. This type of animal belongs to a breed of medium-large dog. Aside from their hunting skills, they are known for their sensitive personalities and for the love they give to their owners and members of their human family.

Vizslas can become anxious if you leave them alone for a long time. It is for this reason that they need to be accompanied by their loved ones most of the time. If you want to travel, obviously you couldn’t leave your canine alone due to what we’ve mentioned above.

Having a Vizsla is synonymous with having a loyal companion which you should take everywhere and not leave alone. When traveling, you should consider taking your dog with you so that your family vacation is more fun and entertaining for everyone. However, it is essential to note that you must plan your trip carefully as taking a Vizsla is not easy. Weimaraner Puppy

There are many things to keep in mind when taking your Vizsla on a trip with you and your family so that it can be comfortable throughout the journey. For that reason, below you will know the 10 best tips for traveling with your pet.


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