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Max ( MALE )


Max is a sharp and sweet little guy. He is few WEEKS OLD, friendly and always active.  Make
great family pets and some have been trained for retrieving and antler shed hunting.

Full registration which includes a $300 non-refundable deposit. Pups come with AKC registration papers,5 generation pedigree for parents, 1 year health guarantee, shot/worming record, vet checked, tails docked, dew claws removed, and a 6 lb bag of puppy food for transition and weekly pictures sent to you of your pick pup. They come with a bundle starter pack which includes a litter mate scented blanket. (4% transaction fee) Delivery available in US for an additional $150 to $400 fee depending on location.

German Shepherd Puppies.


          German shepherds dog puppies are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the U.S. With their physical and mental stamina, this celebrated animal is appreciated by many. With German shepherd puppies, however, their “guard dog” instincts haven’t kicked in yet. Instead, these pups want to play all day, every day. These adorable animals love learning, affection, and bonding closely with their humans. german shepherd puppy dog. 

German Shepherd

Health and Lifespan

Many common ailments of the German Shepherd are a result of breeding practiced in early breed’s life. According to a recent survey the median lifespan of GSD is 10.95 years. German Shepherds do suffer from certain breed related disorders and owners must be aware of it. Here are some common diseases and their details.

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

One of the most common problems related to GSD is Hip and Bone Dysplasia as also seen in many medium and large size dogs. Hip joint is a ball and socket joint and abnormalities in either the ball or socket causes malformation leading to instability. This may lead to abnormal wear and cause Osteoarthritis. Elbow Dysplasia is a condition which results from fragment of bone that does not fuse during the dog’s development causing intermittent lameness. Often such cases may worsen with time and make it difficult or uncomfortable to work. Since this genetic disease therefore a careful breeding and proper post-natal care is mandatory to check this disease.

Health Benefits of Exercising and 7 Ways to Exercise with your dog

Bloat or Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV)

Bloat occurs when either food, fluids or air build up inside dog’s digestive tract and this causes gases to build up inside the stomach. When this occurs and the dog cannot dispel the gas through the usual methods this often causes bloat. This may lead to twisting of stomach and cause blocking of esophagus and exit thus stopping blood flow and infection. If you see your dog eating grass or trying to vomit this might be the condition. This is life threatening and taken to vet immediately.


Megaesophagus (Greek meaning Large) is a condition in which the esophagus becomes limp and the digested food not pass through. Affected dogs often begin to show signs, vomiting and regurgitation when they weaned to a solid diet. They mainly remain malnourished and experience weight loss and aspiration pneumonia. Treatment is generally long and usually involves liquid diets and elevated feedings.

Degenerative Myelopathy

Degenerative Myelopathy is a neurologic disease and is a recessive genetic disorder found in German Shepherd dog. Often it is difficult to distinguish from other forms of spinal cord problems. This is genetic disease and mostly diagnosed with histological exam of spinal cord issue often causing weakness and may lead to paralysis. This also results in lack of coordination causing affected pups to drag their legs and limp.


Many German shepherds have this seizure disorder and often this is a genetic disease and is incurable. Lifelong medication is generally necessary to keep seizures under control.


Commonly known as ‘Pano’ by veterinary doctors. Its generally not exclusive to large or giant breed dogs usually between 5 and 14 months of age. Often characterized by ‘wandering lameness’ and it can cause complete or partial lameness in any leg. Owners can often characterize this disease when they notice their dogs using only three of his four legs or otherwise limping. While this can be painful but in no means permanent and disappear around a year to two years of age.

For all this diseases owners must take these seriously and visit a veterinary doctor to prevent any further complications.


GSD are double coated with thick fur and improper care can lead to them falling ill. If your dog is generally active and exercises a lot groom him regularly. However, if your dog doesn’t go out a lot they can be brushed twice a week. Use a combination of dematting comb along with a slicker brush to achieve best results. Since GSD have thick dense coarse protective outer fur make sure not to cut the outer layer completely as this will expose the inner skin thus causing sunburns.

Do not hold back if you think your dog needs a bath. As GSD have lot of natural oils in it bath with good quality dog shampoo is necessity. Make sure to blow his hair with his high velocity hair drier after a bath. GSD shed twice a year during fall and spring and this is the time you need to brush and groom him everyday. Shedding during spring allows the dog to get rid of his winter coat to itself getting overheated during summers and the same happens in fall to shed his lightweight fur to make way for thick winter coat.

German Shepherd

Living with

German Shepherds are well known for their devotion to their families and they will always be your side. They are very affectionate, loyal and protective of their owners thus making them great guard dogs. It’s always good to have GSD as your house will always be protected and you will feel secure. They are great for apartment living and also get along well with young ones. They should be trained from an early age to be disciplined and obedient. Also, they should be socialized properly as this will help them to be friendly with others when they grow up. Shepherds are natural working dogs and they can also accompany you carrying goods and this makes them more connected to family.


Around the world German Shepherds are known for their bold and fierce nature and are used in variety of activities be it military ,rescue operations or police jobs. But they are sweet innocent and loving by nature also. No doubt they are the most loyal to their boss and can do anything to protect their family.


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