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Charlotte ( FEMALE )


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French Bulldog Puppies For Sale


               French Bulldog puppies are loyal pets – no wonder they are AKC’s #2 most popular breed of 2020. They are also versatile canines that can thrive in almost every living setup. But we can’t help but wonder: are French Bulldogs protective? Can they become guard dogs? French bulldog puppies for sale.

Are French Bulldogs Protective? Here’s The Truth

We’ve received this question a few times, and as Frenchie owners, we feel obliged to answer. Below, I discussed how much of a protector a Frenchie could be and what you can do to train your dog as an effective guard dog.

Are French Bulldogs protective?

Frenchies have a territorial and protective nature. They can excel as guard dogs but not as watchdogs. A Frenchie will bark and alert their owners of an intruder, but you can’t expect them to attack the burglar. Given their small size, this is more than reasonable.


Nevertheless, here are some characteristics of French Bulldogs that make them somewhat of a guard dog. Still, it’s important to put your expectation of your Frenchie on the right level. Blue French bulldog puppies.

✔️Small dog, big protector

are French Bulldogs protective

Many dub French Bulldogs as small dogs but big protectors. While many are very friendly, some are raised with a sense of aloofness toward strangers.

You can train your dog to bark in the presence of a stranger at the door or when the doorbell rings. Many Frenchies will also bark whenever they hear a noise or smell something they can’t recognize.


✔️They are protective of babies.

This part has a lot to do with Frenchie’s upbringing. But based on what we observed, our Frenchie becomes protective when it comes to babies or kids.


Many Frenchies won’t leave their baby siblings’ side. And if someone tries to get the baby, they will bark or grunt, but not in an aggressive manner. French bulldog puppies near me


✔️They are alert

French Bulldogs are also known for their alert personality. Their raised ears, round eyes, and stern look can somewhat make a stranger stop on its tracks. With this, you can easily train your Frenchie to respond to various sounds.

Reasons why French Bulldogs can’t be guard dogs

As much as French Bulldogs are protective, they aren’t absolute guard dogs. You also have to factor in the following reasons why they’re not the best pick for the guarding job:


🐶They are small dogs

French Bulldogs are considered a small to medium-sized breed. Far from true guard dogs like Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Doberman Pinschers, Frenchies aren’t physically gifted to fight an enemy. With this, they are better off as an ‘announcer’ whenever someone’s at the door.

Their small size also makes it impossible for French Bulldogs to injure a burglar seriously. Worse, your small dog might be the one to end up with life-threatening injuries. French Bulldog Puppies for sale.

🐶They are very friendly.

Another thing you should know about Frenchies is that they are one of the friendliest dog breeds. Highly socialized Frenchies can get along with just about anyone. They will also welcome strangers with a wagging tail.

If your Frenchie has this personality, you can’t expect it to be a good guard dog. The upside here is that you have a socialized dog who thrives on the presence of children and other people. How much are French bulldog puppies


🐶They love to play

French Bulldogs are playful canines, and they tend to mature quite slowly. Most French Bulldogs I’ve owned and met will remain puppy-ish until the age of two. Some would retain their energetic behavior until their mid-years.

If an intruder tries to break into your home, they can easily distract a French Bulldog with a squeaker toy. Your dog may bark at first, but it may soon yield to the toy from the intruder.

🐶They are highly food-driven

If there’s one weakness all French Bulldogs share, it would be their love for food. These canines have an insatiable appetite, which makes them prone to obesity.

If a burglar offers your barking French Bulldog a piece of tasty bacon, the doggo will surely devour the food and forget about the stranger. While this isn’t the case for all Frenchies, this scenario is very likely to happen.


You simply can’t train a Frenchie to stop wanting food. And even if they’ve just eaten a meal, Frenchies will find it hard to resist the lure of a delicious reward.. How much to feed French bulldog puppy.

🐶They can’t bark for too long.

As brachycephalic canines, French Bulldogs can’t bark for too long. Their short airways tire them easily, and barking makes air intake much harder.

Also, not all French Bulldogs are inclined to bark in the presence of a stranger. Depending on your pet’s fight or flight response, your Frenchie may run away when it sees a stranger. French bull dogs sale

Can my French Bulldog protect me?

The chances of French Bulldogs protecting you from a burglar are quite slim. Again, this is a small dog. Even if your Frenchie has the courage of a warrior, they can be subdued quite easily.


Besides, it’s not responsible as a pet owner to use your dog as the first line of defense. If you’re living in an area with a high crime rate, a dog should be an additional level of protection. They aren’t substitutes for security cameras or burglary alarms. How many puppies can a French bulldog have.


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