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Chloe ( FEMALE )


Chloe is a beautifully marked female with a great personality!! Both parents have blue eyes and are health tested through ofa on there hips/ elbows/ knees/ heart and eyes to insure quality!! Mom weighs 40 pounds and dad weighs 55 pounds!!

Full registration which includes a $450 non-refundable deposit. Pups come with AKC registration papers,5 generation pedigree for parents, 1 year health guarantee, shot/worming record, vet checked,  dew claws removed, and a 6 lb bag of puppy food for transition and weekly pictures sent to you of your pick pup. They come with a bundle starter pack which includes a litter mate scented blanket. (4% transaction fee) Delivery available in US for an additional $150 to $400 fee depending on location.


Can a Siberian Husky Be a Guard Dog?

                       Siberian husky puppies for sale  is a high-energy dog best suited to a fit and outgoing family. It is a sociable animal and loves the attention of people – any people.

Can Siberian Huskies be good guard dogs? No, Siberian Huskies do not make good guard dogs. They are not a guardian breed as they lack natural aggression and they are notoriously difficult to train. They love people and are more concerned with who will play with them not who shouldn’t be there. If you want a guard dog a Siberian Husky is not the best candidate for the job.

Before you get a Siberian Husky as a pet you should decide what you really want from a dog. If you are looking for an energetic and lively addition to your family, a dog you can take out for lots of exercise and one who will entertain you with its sometimes clown-like behavior then a Siberian Husky may be just the dog for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a dog who doesn’t mind being left alone for long spells and will protect your home during this time it’s a different breed you should be considering.

Siberian husky puppies for sale

Why Siberian Huskies Are Not Good Guard Dogs

Though Siberian Huskies have many of the traits described above, the important ones they lack are patience and trainability. They are not aggressive, possessive, or suspicious dogs. This makes them great dogs for a family pet but not so great as guard dogs. Siberian Huskies are not a dog that can be left in your yard as a deterrent to intruders. They will spend more time looking for an escape route than anything else. Siberian Huskies are expert diggers and can burrow under fences. They have been known to scale solid fences over 6 feet high and climb over chain link fences. They will probably bark, howl and irritate your neighbors after a short while. If someone does enter your property, they are more likely to give them a friendly welcome and try to instigate a game with them than they are to scare them off. Siberian Huskies have been known to sit by whilst intruders have helped themselves to household items. This is because they are not naturally suspicious of anyone. The Husky just isn’t a dangerous dog! Siberian Huskies are not very good when left alone in your home. They can be quite destructive and for this reason, many owners put theirs in a crate when out. A dog in a crate can’t protect your home that well.

Basic Obedience Training

                       Husky Obedience

Husky Obedience

It is very important your Husky learns the basics of obedience before you move onto more complicated training. Teaching your Husky basic obedience training commands can be helpful when tackling behavior problems. Basic obedience training involves learning the usual commands of sit, stay, and down. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at how to teach each of these commands with a few simple steps. Remember that your patience is mandatory and you should always reward and praise when he gets it right, and do not punish when he gets it wrong.


Husky Sitting
Husky Sitting

Teaching your dog to sit is one of the most basic commands to teach your Husky, thus making it a great one to start with. This command is so simple that even dogs who are new to training can learn it within a few sessions. A dog who knows the “Sit” command will be much calmer and easier to control than a dog that isn’t taught this simple command. The most popular way to teach sit is with lure and reward training using some delicious treats. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Hold your dog’s favorite treat in your hand and make sure he knows you have it there
  2. Sit in front of your dog and hold the treat just in front of his nose
  3. Once he starts sniffing, move your hand up, allowing his head to follow the treat and causing his bottom to lower
  4. Command “SIT”
  5. If your Husky does not sit on his own, gently guide his backside down using your other hand
  6. As he begins to sit down, command “SIT” again
  7. Once he sits, praise him and reward him with the treat.
  8. Repeat this process several times every day until your dog has it mastered.  Once your Husky can sit, you can move on to other commands.


                                          Husky Stay
                                                                                                                                       Husky Stay

“Stay” is another great command that will teach your Husky self-control.

A dog who knows the “stay” command will remain sitting until you ask him to get up by giving another command. A dog who knows how to stay won’t run into the street if he gets loose, so this is one of the most important skills your dog needs to master.

This command should be taught when your dog is tired and hungry so he won’t get too hyper to focus. Most dogs usually take several days to understand this command and it can take a few weeks to master it.

  1. Start by commanding your Husky to sit
  2. Give your dog a hand signal – put your hand out in front of you with your palm facing forwards
  3. Take one or two steps back. Keep your stop palm gesture firm and keep saying ‘stay’ while you do this
  4. If your dog stays, reward him with a treat and praise
  5. Have your dog come to you. Release your dog from the stay position by using a release word such as “All Done” or “Okay!”
  6. Keep repeating this but start increasing the distance that you are creating between you and your dog each time.
    Go 5 steps back, then 10. Then see if you can get across the whole yard.


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