Best Dog For Home Security           

          Best Dog For Home Security. Our clients mainly choose to utilise our dog security services in situations where a large area of land needs to be patrolled and the full perimeter of the site needs to be checked. These areas can include:

  • Corporate offices: Where issues cannot be resolved solely by a static guard
  • Unoccupied land: Where intruders may have taken occupancy
  • High-crime areas: Where the added threat of a security dog is required
  • Drug detection: Where expert dog senses and handler experience is needed
  • Large sites: Where the full perimeter needs to be covered

Why We Have The Best Guard Dogs in the World?

Dog security can provide a visual deterrent for your site and tackle the issues surrounding proactively protecting sites from damage, vandalism or burglary. The security dog plays a big part of alerting his/her handler to an intruder, who in return completes the necessary procedures to deal with the intruder. Our guard will also maintain rigorous access control for your site to ensure no unauthorised people will access your site. All access must be pre-authorised.

Dog security resolves financial and operational issues of instructing a team of security guards to patrol your site. A dog handler and dog can provide an active solution to your issues by patrolling the area by foot and keeping alert for irregularities in the area and security concerns.

To compliment the dog security,  Security recommend clients also use our guard patrol monitoring software to easily track our dogs and dog handlers’ movements.



How We Do It

  1. Are you ready for a puppy?

Before you fall head-over-heels with a Security Dogs online, it’s very important to fully understand the future investment in time, money and energy that are required to properly onboard, care and meet the needs of a new furry family member. If you determine you have the ability to provide a good a life for a puppy, only then you should proceed with either purchasing or adopting a puppy. Guard Dog Fence Security

Remember, choosing to bring a puppy home is a decade-long relationship and a choice that in all likelihood will bring unconditional love as well countless memories to you and your family. Guard Dog Security

  1. Should you shop or adopt? 

Now you need to decide how to bring home the newest addition to your family. Do you adopt or shop? This is an important decision that only you and your family have a say in. It all boils down to what you and your family feel comfortable doing. Security Dogs online supports adoption from shelters for those who find it suitable for them. We encourage dog lovers to please do due diligence through research with regards to adopting from shelters. How to train a security guard dog. Security Guard Dogs

We support your freedom to choose. Only you can decide whether purchasing from a breeder or a shelter is the right decision for you and your family. If your family decides on getting a specific breed, Security Dogs online is here to provide you with a selection of puppies from responsible breeders, backed by a solid health guarantee and exceptional customer service when you need help, 24/7.

Bringing puppies and families together to foster happy memories is the fundamental mission of Security Dogs online.  You decide how you want to accomplish that.

  1. What is the Security dogs way?

Once you begin your puppy journey with us, we will guide you every step of the process of onboarding your new family member, which will include:

  • Free door-to-door delivery to your home
  • Free microchip
  • Medical record with up-to-date vaccinations
  • Nose-To-Tail Health Check
  • 1-year health guarantee

The Benefits

In addition to the pure and natural joy you’ll experience, when done responsibly, owning and caring for a puppy may bring several other positive effects to your life. Studies show that puppies can help lower stress and blood pressure, improve sociability across all ages, increase resistance to allergies, encourage exercise, improve the immune system and best of all, provide a surplus of unconditional love.  The bottom line is that after the initial stages of adjusting and training your puppy, you may soon come to realize that it was one of the best decisions you’ve made. Dogs used for Security



Security Dogs for Sale.  Are a truly amazing breed which are perfectly suited to police work, military, customs, security and as a family guardian. Rottweilers (aka ) make especially great family protection dogs as they are very safe around family and children. Make no mistake, these are very large and powerful dogs which need extensive socialisation and training from early puppy hood.
We take great care and pride in providing the very best environment for our young Security Dogs . We cut no corners in ensuring they get enough social time and exercise as well as very specific training for the different roles we raise them for. Available Security dogs . General purpose security dogs for sale.  

Protection Dog Breeder Spencer Training His Personal Protection Dog

Security Dogs For Sale.

A Brief History of The Security Dogs as a Guard Dog

To know where you dog has come from and what it’s breeding purpose was will help you understand them better.

Our Security Dogs was originally bred to drive cattle to market and pull carts for butchers. This heritage is reflected in their broad chests and distinctively muscular bodies.

These demanding jobs showcased their strength, and it wasn’t long before they were adopted by police agencies and served with high honour in various militaries around the world.

All of our Security Dogs  at the Guard Dog Training Centre have true Security Dogs  attributes, and our training ensures that they are calm and confident. Typically, our Security Dogs are aloof around strangers and never fearful or timid. When these characteristics are combined, we find that these dogs are natural guard dogs with a mellow personality. security dog vans for sale

Special Dog Delivery!

We pride ourselves in the overall experience of dogs. From hand selecting and training the dog to handing them off to their new homes after the sale. Our elite services don’t stop at just sourcing the best guard dogs and family guard dogs, it extends to the whole process from start to finish! After the sale of your protection dog, we spend 3-5 days with you and your family to help transition and understand the training as well as answering any questions you have. This process is as important as the training itself.

Available Security dogs