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“The Dog Trainer Foundations course is THE best starting point to learn the basics of positive reinforcement training.” — Ken Ramirez, Executive VP & Chief Training Officer, Karen Pryor

Teach them where to poop

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You’re a good parent and always have poop bags on hand but it’s still kind of embarrassing when your dog pops a squat on your neighbor’s front lawn while they’re sitting on the front porch. Luckily, there’s a simple solution. Just teach them where to poop. “Guide your dog to an area where you want them to poop, wait a few minutes, and don’t play or speak with them. Allow them to sniff and do their business and reward them heavily for eliminating by immediately giving them many high-value food rewards,” says Harstein. Make sure you also know these etiquette rules all dog owners should follow.

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We love your pet, just like you! We are professionals dedicated to the care of your pet; with us your pet will be in the best hands of Broward County. Contact us to find out about our services and give your pet a relaxing experience. A well-behaved dog is a joy to live with, and proper dog training helps ensure that your pup can participate in almost everything you do together. Puppies can begin very simple training starting as soon as they come home, usually around 8 weeks old.

Clark Foster

Dog Trainer​

Our lovable, furry companions can be mischievous and naughty at times. The knee-jerk reaction is to shout “No!” or “Bad Dog!” but let’s face it, that rarely works. So we asked certified dog trainers to share some of their best training secrets, and we found it’s easier than you might think to get the results you want.

Valencia Ken

Dog Trainer​

So you want to be a dog trainer? It’s common for dog lovers looking for a career change to consider dog training as an option. Being a dog trainer can be an incredibly rewarding job. You spend your days surrounded by dogs, plus you get to help people and their pets live together happily and harmoniously.

Alessa Stark

Dog Trainer​

Stop yanking on the leash

Are you walking with your dog or is your dog walking you? If it’s the latter, forget about yanking the leash. It won’t work. “Dogs have an opposition reflex. You pull back, and they pull forward. They are not being stubborn or difficult. It’s built into the way a dog is designed,” says Hartstein. In other words, if a dog pulls and gets to where it wants to go, the dog is rewarded and will continue the behavior. The solution? Head back inside for some walking on the leash. “After your dog has walked successfully next to you many times in your home, advance to the backyard, then the front yard, then a few houses down, and etc.,” suggests Hartstein. Reward them for walking close to you. Find out the 53 mistakes every dog owner makes.

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But we won’t. Because it is our mission to make high quality and effective dog training affordable to the millions of owners struggling with reactivity behavior.